Croeso Abergwaun

Croeso teams are working with Hiraeth Hope in West Wales to respond to the Syrian refugee crisis in a civilised sustainable way - with human faces, not beaurocracy. Hiraeth Hope is a member of Citizens Cymru/ Citizens UK, working with the Home Office.

The Croeso Abergwaun project began to make plans in Spring of 2016 to welcome up to three Syrian families to Fishguard  The great news is that the first family has now arrived and has received a very warm welcome from the community.  We wish them every success in adapting to life here in West Wales.

We have the support of the Home Office who are managing the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme, and Pembrokeshire County Council (who themselves are about to resettle their first family). We are also working with three other 'Croeso' groups who have established themselves in Haverfordwest, Cardigan and Narberth.

Although Syria comes and goes from the front pages of the press, the crisis for its people continues. 

Croeso Abergwaun and Croeso Arberth have, between them, secured some funding through the Arwain Sir Benfro/LEADER Pembrokeshire fund, which will be very beneficial in helping us to deliver things like English language training to our resettlement family.  Many thanks to PLANED, who administer the fund.

For lots more information about Croeso Abergwaun, and the refugee situation, visit our Facebook page.

Contact details -

We are grateful to you for your support up to now and will post news of future fundraising events as soon as these are arranged. 


With lots of support from the community, 'our' Syrian family has now spent nearly 3 months in Fishguard. Their summer has been filled with language lessons for which we have to acknowledge the dedication, experience, time and skills of Boyd Williams, Maggie and David Stringer and a team of volunteers, who have helped not just with teaching but also with childcare, managing currency and introducing our locality and culture. 

Unfazed by our mixed bag of weather, the family have explored the area and are happy using buses to go further afield. Thanks to the kindness of folks within our community, the children have been learning to swim, the family have been out on a boat trip, attended a wedding, watched fireworks above the bay, and been invited to many local events. If you meet them in the street or shops, 'marhaba' is an Arabic greeting - 'hello/welcome'. If there is an activity or an event you think they might like to attend, please contact Liz Grimshaw through our email address below – we can arrange for an interpreter to translate/explain the details to them. 

School has now resumed and the children are beginning to settle. In partnership with the school, we felt it best to have volunteers coming into school in these first few weeks of term as friendly supportive faces, until the children are more settled. It's been great to see them enjoying school activities and playing with peers. We acknowledge the dedication, skills and care of all the staff at Ysgol Glannau Gwaun.

And now we have some practical needs we would love your help with:

Firstly, Nasr is very determined to be working. He is looking for opportunities for work experience. At the moment he may not earn any money but he is keen to add to his skills, develop new ones and make a contribution to the community. What he needs is offers of regular hours of work experience to fit around his ongoing English classes. He is available Tuesday mornings and all day on Fridays. We will provide a language teaching volunteer who can identify the vocabulary he will need to acquire to do the work, and someone to accompany him, at least in the initial stages, to help with communication and understanding. Can you help us with this, or can you think of someone who might be able to help and is willing - please contact Chris Samra via the email address below?

Secondly, would someone like to take Nasr on a fishing trip?! - please email Olwen Thomas through the following email address.

To contact us about any of the above, please email saying who the email should be directed to, as mentioned above.

Warm wishes and heartfelt thanks,

The Croeso Abergwaun Community Sponsorship Group.